A Change is needed.

Although we live in a relatively peaceful and prosperous period, we are more aware than ever of the horror at the extremes. The proliferation of information has made it much easier to witness the horror and allied to the ever decreasing faith in our political, religious and structural institutions, it makes us feel uneasy. It makes us feel like we are in a very dangerous place. A place that needs to change.

Stories change the world.

If a child is telling a lot of lies, we tell it the story of a child who told lies about a wolf. Hopefully the child learns. Since we've been able to communicate we have told each other stories to try and help explain our world and our place in it. There are some big powerful stories out there and they are all connected. This feeling thrills us.

TV is cool.

Not if you're in it. But from outside looking in, it's a cool place to be. Before I was able to make the ends meet with music, I used to be an assistant location manager and I was always struck by how much people wanted to be involved:

"What are you making?"

"It's an advert for washing powder"

"Can I help!?"

What are we going to change?

The metrics of success. The fundamental measurement for success in our time is profit. Since Newton brought integral calculus to the Royal Mint in the late 17th century we have organised ourselves to aim for infinite growth. If you're expanding, this works a treat. You grow in influence and power. Infinite growth capitalism is also a great way of organising humans. It punishes laziness, rewards merit and it evolves. However, it struggles when it reaches limits. The Earth is a finite system. There is only so much stuff. Unless you include ideas. As Biz Stone said:

"Creativity is a sustainable resource".

You choose