The best stories start with simple beginnings. And Resonance is no exception. At launch Resonance will appear to be simply an engaging and action packed television drama with a sci-fi twist.

The drama will unravel the story of a mysterious Object, which has existed on earth for 1000s of years. Only a few know of its existence and its awesome powers. Since the second world war the Object has been widely thought to be lost forever. But in 2007, with the construction of the London Olympic village, it becomes exposed. Its guardians must move it to a new location. Others have waited for precisely this moment and they will use every means to capture the Object and use it for their own purposes.

The Resonance characters all connect in some way with the Object. Their real agendas are revealed (and camouflaged) across the series in ways to keep audiences engaged and on tenterhooks to the last.

But Resonance will be a lot more than a TV show. From the outset audiences will also have the option to explore the Resonance universe in a range of other media – an animated series, graphic novel, social networking, music, computer games, mobile games, and the rising entertainment format of alternate reality games (ARGs). These platforms will open, for those who want to dig deeper, a glimpse into a rich, deep narrative world.

But even more than that they will be able to contribute their own stories in text, video and audio. By using a unique framework we have developed called open source narrative and by the careful building of a community that will protect the core narrative the audience will have freedom to create stories around the edges. Stories that connect.

How is this possible?

We will reveal that the Object has been shattered into a number of pieces and these have been hidden around the world. So the audience will have incredible scope to create stories about the history of a piece of the object in their country. People are already doing this around the world. As the pieces are discovered, we find an even deeper narrative. One that touches the real world and leads to an incredible conclusion in the summer of 2020.

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